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Debt Relief Options is dedicated to helping consumers find debt relief, no matter what their situation. Whether you have become over extended due to surprise expenses, a loss of employment or just plain bad luck; the debt relief agencies and professionals here want to help. Depending on your situation you may be able to take advantage of:

Credit Counseling: These debt help professionals can help you better manage your finances with a Debt Management Plan (DMP). They will often advise you to get on a budget, help prioritize your debts, and may be able to lower the interest rates on your debt.

Debt Settlement: In addition to the services provided under Credit Counseling, debt settlement companies, may be able to actually lower the debt amount you owe, through negotiations with the debt holders. By eliminating debt altogether, debt settlement may be a faster way out of debt

Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy relief is usually considered as your last debt relief alternative, and is typically a court ordered form of relief. Bankruptcy relief can apply to most debt (secured as well as unsecured), but may also effect your credit rating for a longer period.

Tax Relief: On Debt Relief Options you can also find providers that work with the federal or state governments to negotiate tax settlements. Dealing the government is different then a private company, and if you owe tax debts, you may want to see an professional that deals with those specific issues, like offers in compromise, tax liens, and wage garnishments.

Pay Day Loans: For those in need of a short term cash infusion, pay day loans may be the right option. The providers you?ll find here, can evaluate your situation and may be willing to lend enough cash to meet your short term obligations.


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